It’s been over a month since my last demolition update on our house renovation, so we’re overdue for another!

Before the professionals could start on the new floors, there were a few things that had to happen first:

  • Replace particle board we removed with plywood sub floor in master bedroom, office, nursery, hallway and FROG
  • Plumbing updates in master shower
  • Moving plumbing for my vanity in master bath
  • Plumbing updates in upstairs bathroom
  • Install new bath tub in upstairs bathroom
  • Add framing for pocket door from master bedroom to bathroom
  • Frame out where opening will be closed up in FROG
  • Frame out new closet in FROG
  • Frame out new door location in FROG

Hunter also scraped the remaining ceilings, and replaced the 80’s light fixtures in the hallway and queued up where the fan in the FROG will go with the help of his dad. Plus they replaced exhaust fans, updated electrical in the bathrooms and cleaned out all of the crap the previous owner left in the attic – Like a massive antenna (??).

Once the dumpster was filled to the brim, it was taken away and the fun stuff began! Over the course of 2 weeks, the team from Multi-Family Flooring did a TON of work:

  • Built out shower walls & niche with cement board & prepped for tile
  • Lay tile in showers and master shower floor
  • Prep and lay new hardwoods in master bedroom, office, nursery, hallway, FROG and stairs
  • Prep and lay tile floors in master bathroom & closet, upstairs bathroom
  • Grout bathroom tile floors

Once the hardwoods were in, we vacuumed them, cleaned them and then covered them up with ram board to protect them for the duration of the upstairs renovation. We had to get this done late one night for the stairs, hallway & master before they finished the tile work the next day so no mud would get on our pretty new floors.

The amount of prep work and detail that goes into all of the tile and hardwood work is just amazing. Everyday when I got home from work (or popped upstairs when I was working from home) I was so excited to see what progress the team made.

The last 2 weeks have definitely been my favorite of the renovation so far since things are finally coming together! Seeing the beautiful tile and hardwoods go in reassured me that we’re making progress and might just finish this before baby comes.

Next up: Drywall and finishing work, install built ins and vanities, grout the showers, install trim and paint! Then we flip and do it all over for the downstairs, haha.

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