As things are really starting to come together in Phase 1 (upstairs) of our entire house renovation, it’s time for another update! While the last 2 weeks were focused on hardwoods and tile and this week was full of drywall, built ins and doors.

Over the course of the week, we had all sorts of contractors onsite working on rooms upstairs. Here’s what was accomplished in just 6 days:

  • Install & patch drywall
  • Grout shower tile in master bathroom & upstairs bathroom
  • Drywall finishing & sanding
  • Install custom built ins in master bathroom, closet, master bedroom, upstairs bathroom, FROG
  • Remove old attic accesses (2)
  • Replace 1 attic access with drywall
  • Install interior doors
  • Begin installing window and door trim

Needless to say, it’s been a busy week at the house – especially since I was working from home all week!

Related: I have a new found appreciation for coordinating all the moving parts and people involved in a construction project. The 2 of us have somehow figured out how to drive all of that while working full time and boy does my mind feel like it’s in overdrive some nights.

Now let me share some progress pictures…

As my family knows, I can’t contain my excitement that rooms look like rooms again!!! There are walls and doors and trim! After tearing everything apart (down to the studs in some places), seeing it come back together and look like a house again is extremely exciting for me.

We might just pull this off before baby comes. 🤞

Next up: Finish installing doors, and the door & window trim, install floor boards & crown molding, paint everything in the rooms and give the upstairs a deep cleaning before we move upstairs and start renovating downstairs.

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