The renovation is moving along and we’re getting closer to the halfway point! Last week included lots of updates between tile, doors, built ins, dry wall and finishing (so many contractors to manage that week), but this week is all about trim.

Not every room needed major cosmetic updates like the bathrooms & FROG, but every room in the house is getting an upgrade with trim. The old trim around the doors is the kinda beveled, 80’s trim and a really short base board with no crown molding.

While we were doing everything else, we decided to rip out all the trim and update that as well! We started to figure out our trim plan when the 2 of us renovated the laundry room as part of the One Room Challenge. Our final plan is pretty similar, but with a few tweaks: RB3 trim around the windows & doors, 1×6″ with base cap and3/4 round for the baseboards and then crown molding at the top!

Hunter’s dad also built our vanities and cabinets a little taller off the ground so the base boards would go around them for a truly custom built in look (and same idea for the crown around our master bedroom built in).

Lastly, in my office we replaced the upside down chair rail that was previously there with a board and batten look using 1×4’s on top of the 1×6 base board (no base cap). The bottom will be painted white to finish that off.

I couldn’t believe how polished and more like actual rooms everything looked each day after the guys finished installing more and more trim. We’re both so happy with how everything looks so far and can’t wait for it to get finished!

Next steps: Caulk around the trim, finish in and sand the nail holes, then paint the ceilings, trim, doors and walls! The final steps upstairs are installing the countertops and the bathroom fixtures.

Once the paint is dry, we can start cleaning and moving back upstairs room by room, so we’re excited for this last part to be so close. Then I can finally start putting our nursery together and it’s really going to feel real 🙂

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