I had a few baby showers in 2018 and at one point decided to make my own baby shower card using Cricut’s print then cut feature. Most cards are really sentimental, so naturally I decided to do something a little more realistic and funny…

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Print then Cut Baby Card

What you’ll need:

  • 1 11.5″ x 8″ piece of white card stock
  • Cricut Maker (or other cutting machine)
  • 0.4 point black pen

Quick warning: My design includes a curse word.. It’s on purpose, because it’s a play on babies pooping a lot and life changing, but wanted to just throw that out there real quick.

Okay, so in Design Space I added a rectangle that was 9.2″ wide by 6.74″ long. The max size of a print then cut project is 9.25″ x 6.75″, so I needed my card to be slightly smaller than that.

I uploaded one of the water color images I used throughout our wedding materials and had that going across the bottom of the card and put my business name on the back, attaching it to the card.

Then I wrote out “Shit’s about to get REAL” using 2 writing fonts: 1 script and 1 serif. After rearranging the letters to get them where I wanted them, I attached them all together and to the card itself.

Finally I added a fold line and centered it in the middle of the card, attaching it to the card.

When you’re ready to print then cut, you should see a LOT of actions on the preview menu: Print, score, draw & cut. Yup.

First, print the card on your card stock. Then put it on your mat and follow the prompts on screen to first score it (the fold line), then add your pen to write the letters, and finally put your blade in to cut the card out.

Voila – a print then score then draw then cut custom card!

The card paired with some handmade onesies is a great lil gift and easy to put together last minute too 😉

And when some of your friends had a hilarious hashtag for their wedding (and Lil Jon koozies), you 100% have to create a custom onesie for their lil boy.

The options are endless for cards you can make! Especially when you’re adding graphics and going the print then cut route.

Want to make this card yourself? You can find my project on Design Space here.

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