We’re continuing to make progress on the renovation and are getting closer and closer to finishing Phase 1 (upstairs) and starting Phase 2.

This was the first of ~2 weeks the painters were here! The big projects for this past week were:

  • Caulk everything (trim, built ins, etc)
  • Mud & sand all of the nail holes
  • Patch any additional wall and ceiling imperfections
  • Paint the crown molding
  • Paint the built ins, built in doors and drawers
  • Paint the doors
  • Paint the trim

If you’ve been wondering about Cleo, she’s been doing alright during all of this. She gets barricaded with one of us downstairs in the kitchen, living room & porch during the day and lately has enjoyed sitting on the plastic drop cloths as well, haha.

Another fun update last week was having Taylor over to see the progress and talk fabric! He’ll be helping us with various design elements throughout the house and #1 on that list was curtains in our master bedroom and the nursery.

We’ve picked our favorites and I can’t wait to see them in the space when everything comes together!

It was also great having Pegs in town for a few days (and aligned perfectly with a doctor appointment)! She got to see the renovation chaos in person, but also see how far everything has come and our plans / vision for finishing things up.

And per usual, we had some great meals at new places like Wood & Grain, Maison and an old favorite, Mozzo.

Next steps: The second week of painting work will include some more caulking / patching / sanding of trim and cabinets, they’ll finish painting the trim & cabinets, prime the walls and then paint the walls with color!

Unfortunately, Hurricane Dorian has also decided to make an appearance. As of the time I’m writing this, we’re still waiting to figure out what the track of the hurricane is going to do and if we’re going to be evacuating or not. I never thought a hurricane might be affecting our renovation schedule, but alas.. another joy of living on the coast!

I’ve also officially entered the third trimester of pregnancy, so all of the timelines are starting to feel real. We’re pushing hard to finish up Phase 1 and move upstairs, so we can get started working downstairs. It should continue to be an action packed few months!

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