The last 2 weeks were dedicated to wrapping up the painting upstairs, with a hurricane mixed in. Nothing like a category 3 with an unpredictable path to keep you on your toes!

Outside of hurricane Dorian’s interruption, the second and third week of painting included more caulking / patching / sanding of trim and cabinets, painting the trim, built ins doors & drawer fronts, and priming then painting the walls with color.

After doing our due diligence and trying out 6 paint samples, we ended up choosing Sherwin William’s repose gray in the cashmere luster. This is the same color we did in our last house and really liked it. We thought about painting the master bedroom a different color and keeping my office in a light blue, but keeping everything the same won out (plus it helped keep it simple for the painters and move a little faster).

The day they started putting 1 coat of paint on the walls was an exciting one because you finally saw the colors and trim come together. After a lot of fixing imperfections and coats of paint, we’re almost done with this part!

I’m not gonna lie – this has been an incredibly exhausting and stressful few months. There are so many decisions, coordination of people and moving parts to keep everything on schedule and running as smoothly as construction can go. Some days I curl up and nap after work (with Cleo, who loves stealing my pregnancy pillow), and others we make endless trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s. We knew it’d be a long few months, but it’ll be worth it! However, I’m never living through another renovation, haha.

The good news is that we’re almost done with Phase 1 and onto Phase 2!

Next steps: Touch up the paint, take up the floor covering, install new outlet covers and light switches, plumbing fixtures, built in doors & drawer fronts, granite counter tops, new fans, closet hardware, door knobs, cabinet knobs & handles, do a LOT of cleaning and move everything upstairs!

After that, we’ll start demoing downstairs and Phase 2 will be underway! I sense a big week coming up..

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