This past weekend we were in Atlanta to celebrate our little one with our families with a baby tailgate party! My sister and cousin threw such a great football themed party and we were so impressed with all the food & decor. My favorite piece were the football vases that they created as centerpieces.

I thought my readers might enjoy a break from the renovation with a DIY project, so here’s how my sister created the cute centerpieces for the party:

DIY Football Vase

What you’ll need:

  • Football
  • Scissors
  • Vertical glass vase

Cut the top and bottom of the football tip off with scissors. Place your glass vase down the football so it’s sitting on a surface and the football is covering it. Add some flowers & water!

It’s fairly easy to put together, but makes such a unique centerpiece for a football party! They made a few of these and placed them around the party.

I will definitely be making some of these for the next tailgate or football party we host! Nice job, Lauren 😉

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