We always had a checkpoint of getting through the majority of the upstairs work and starting the downstairs and we’ve made it there – thank goodness!

This past week was one of the busiest and had the most changes over the last 3 months. Here’s what got accomplished over the weekend & throughout the week.


  • Install built in cabinet doors & drawer fronts
  • Install granite counter tops
  • Install master closet light, hardware & hidden doors
  • Patch a few dinged spots on the walls & ceiling
  • Touch up wall & trim paint
  • Remove floor covering in master bedroom, bathroom, closet, office, upstairs bathroom and nursery
  • Vacuum & clean uncovered hardwood & tile floors
  • Install new light switches & outlet plate covers
  • Install sink faucets & shower head
  • Install new fans
  • Move upstairs furniture / boxes upstairs
  • Move downstairs furniture / boxes upstairs


  • Remove all doors, trim & framing downstairs
  • Remove old hardwood floors
  • Remove wall between kitchen & dining room
  • Take out the vanity, fans, lights
  • Remove fiberglass shower insert
  • Chisel out tile bathroom floor
  • Plumbing updates in guest bath
  • Install new exhaust fan in guest bath
  • Frame out where wall was removed between kitchen & dining room
  • Remove cabinets, tile backsplash, floors & particle board in kitchen

Quite a list for 7 straight days, huh? You can see why we were really excited about a weekend off and away from the renovation, haha.

At this point, the upstairs is about 85% done. There are still a few spots that need to be touched up with paint, we’re still missing cabinet handles & knobs on all built ins, the shower & tub fixtures in the upstairs bath, lights & mirrors over the vanities, glass for the master shower, closet hardware / shelves for my office, nursery & frog, the fan in the frog, railing, etc.. So we’re close, but not quite done with Phase 1 yet.

Next steps for Phase 2 (downstairs): Tile installation in the guest bathroom, install subfloor in a few rooms, scrape ceilings in the rooms that aren’t done, and pull up the carpet in the living room.

The biggest thing is that we’re officially living upstairs and downstairs is down to bare bones – we made it over that hump! And we got to take a shower in the new master bathroom, woohoo!

At 31 weeks pregnant, we’re hoping that the downstairs goes quickly and we can wrap up the upstairs projects just as quickly and put together the nursery soon… and unpack.

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