As I mentioned, we headed to Atlanta last weekend to celebrate our little one with a baby tailgate party! We both love football, so spending the afternoon together with our families while watching games and eating great food was just perfect.

My sister and cousins threw an amazing football tailgate themed party and we were so impressed with the decor & delicious food!

Some of the decor included photos of the 2 of us at football games, painted baby bottles to look like footballs, rookie mom & dad koozies, football flower vases, football & onesie banners, and football themed signs.

Even the food was on theme with dip laid out like a football field, football brownies, and a helmet shaped watermelon! Other tailgate classics like smoked pulled pork sliders, dip and pigs n a blanket were also devoured.

And I can’t forget placing bets on when baby W will be born! Let’s hope it’s not too long after his due date…

The weather was perfect, almost all of our teams won (helps when GT had the week off, haha), and we couldn’t have asked for a more special weekend with some of the most important people in our lives!

Thank you to everyone who made it such a great time!

If you are looking for a great baby party theme, why not throw a baby tailgate party and take some football food & decor cues from our lovely hostesses!

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