Last time I posted, we just did a TON of work getting the upstairs ready for us to move back up there, moving, then demoing the downstairs. I’m still exhausted thinking about that long 7 days.

The downstairs renovation is happening fast (thank goodness), so apologies for the sporadic posts. It feels like we both go to work, then come home and there is some list of house things we do at night until we go to bed and do it all again the next day… but we’re trying to keep up with all the different contractors so we keep everything moving and aren’t holding anyone up!

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind, bu mainly centered on having everything ready to install new flooring in the downstairs.

  • Add insulation to guest bathroom
  • Finish installing subfloor
  • Remove ceiling in kitchen
  • Add new can lights in kitchen
  • Add new floor air vents throughout downstairs
  • Prep, tile & grout downstairs bathroom shower & floor
  • Scrape ceilings in dining room, guest room, bourbon room & pantry
  • Remove carpet in living room
  • Remove trim in living room
  • Prep & install hardwood floors throughout the rest of the downstairs, minus bathroom
  • Clean & cover new floors to protect them from the next step!

I also unpacked my office a bit so it’s functioning (just crowded) and created a “kitchen”, aka folding table with paper products and microwave, in my office as well. Things are still pretty much packed wherever they fit upstairs, but just being able to be in the 90% done upstairs is exciting enough for me.

With the floors done, we are onto the next steps of drywall, installing all the built ins and getting a new front door! After that it’s trim then paint (and a 1,000 small things), but when you just look at the big ticket items, the list is definitely dwindling.

The goal was to finish the inside of the house by the end of October and now that it’s October, I can almost see the light!

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