This was another busy 7 days in renovation land as quite a few people were at the house and a LOT of progress was made (which makes these soon to be parents excited that things are progressing quickly)!

Here’s the breakdown of what was accomplished this week:

  • Replace the last of the 80’s lights in the hallway with can lights
  • Install new header between kitchen & living room opening
  • Drywall kitchen & guest bathroom ceiling
  • Additional drywall patching throughout downstairs
  • Remove brick around front door where new, larger door will go
  • Mudding & sanding drywall
  • Install built in boxes in kitchen, bourbon room & pantry
  • Install cabinet fronts
  • Install guest bathroom vanity
  • Install new interior doors
  • Remove old front door, then install new front door
  • Install crown molding in kitchen, dining room, bourbon room, guest bath, hallway & guest room
  • Started installing base boards in living room, dining room, bourbon room, guest bath, hallway & guest room
  • Plus installing some handles in the upstairs built ins (had to wait on new screws, naturally)

I can’t believe how much happened in a week! And if you follow me on Instagram, then you saw my pure excitement on stories when the front door was installed Friday afternoon (which was a surprise for us, since we thought it was happening next week).

There’s still a little trim work left, plus drywall around the new front door on the inside, and brick work on the outside, removing the brass track lighting in the living room and replacing it with some can lights in there so they can then install the shiplap ceiling, etc… but then we’re back to the painting step!

Getting closer…

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