It’s been another busy 2 weeks of renovating at the house!

Here’s the latest list of updates:

  • *Almost* all of the trim work (crown, windows & base boards) was finished. There are still some small updates needed once the correct sized kitchen window comes in and around the new front door..
  • Living room fan & track lighting was removed
  • New can lights in living room ceiling
  • Shiplap ceiling installed in living room
  • Replaced sliders with French doors in living room
  • Finished brick work around front door
  • Drywall, sanding & caulking to prep for paint
  • Install pantry bookshelf door
  • Took out old mantle
  • Updates to living room built ins & extending left side to ceiling
  • Install new mantle
  • Prime cabinets, doors & trim
  • Old HVAC system removed

We also made some progress upstairs including organizing the master closet and starting to work on the nursery! I found some bins at Bed, Bath & Beyond that were the perfect size for the shelves. They’re now full of t-shirts, shorts, jeans, shoes, winter things, and purses and look so much better than just piles of things sitting out.

In the nursery, the crib & glider have been put together and the dresser is organized. There’s even a handy changing container with the basics ready to go. We still have dining room chairs & the buffet in there (not for long!), but it’s looking more like a nursery and less like a storage unit.. which is good because lil man could be coming any day now!

With surprising news from the doctor that he might be coming early, we’re in overdrive on the renovation. This week we should wrap up the painting downstairs, install granite in the kitchen and guest bathroom and new HVAC system will be installed at the end of the week.

Everyone is working hard to wrap up as much as possible before he arrives. Fingers crossed we get the big things behind us!

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