In preparation for lil man’s arrival, I wanted to put together a basket for the labor & delivery nurses and staff at the hospital that would be helping us out. I reached out to my nurse friends for ideas on what I could put in the basket and pulled out my Cricut to make a card.

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Nurses Thank You Basket + Card

What you’ll need

I was so excited to have a project, albeit small, to do one weekend that wasn’t related to our house & the renovation. After some searching, I settled on this Thank You card design in Design Space.

Adjust the project to your liking – I made the card bigger since I was going to make it more of a sign and wanted to maximize the card stock. Cut the 3 pieces of card stock on your Cricut and glue them together.

I cut the back part of the card off so it was just a sign and wrote a note on the back. Then used a 8″ wooden skewer and taped it to the thank you sign used washi tape.

My friends suggested some individually wrapped snacks, gum and antibacterial bottles for the nurses, so I grabbed an assortment from Target. I arranged those in a basket and stuck the Thank You sign in the back.

Voila – a lil something for those hard working nurses!

The whole project took less than an hour and it was just nice to do a little crafting again. Hoping to get back in the creating groove again soon, when the house is back together & we figure out our new normal with lil man.

The nurses appreciated the snacks and after all they did for us, it was the least we could do for them!

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