We’re still moving along with phase 2 of the renovation and the end is almost in sight. Our baby also decided to make his appearance 2 weeks ago! Nothing will motivate you to finish a renovation like wanting to take your newborn home.

Here’s the list of recent house updates:

  • Paint ceiling & shiplap ceiling
  • Paint trim, cabinets & doors
  • Install upstairs HVAC system
  • Paint walls
  • Paint side lights on front door
  • Install granite counter tops
  • Install granite backsplash
  • Install downstairs HVAC system
  • Remove kitchen window box
  • Install new picture window in kitchen

Once we were in labor and told we weren’t coming home from the hospital without a baby, we let the contractors know and they put it in high gear. The biggest thing was for the paint spraying & HVAC to be done before we could come home with a newborn (AC was key for this warm fall we’re having). Luckily we were able to stay at the hospital an extra night and then stayed at a friends’ place a few more nights before it was okay for us to come back home!

We’re sooooo close to being able to move back downstairs and the punch list is getting shorter. The big items left are to finish all painting & touch ups (including white washing the fireplace), install appliances, install cabinet doors & drawers, install the plumbing fixtures, stain the front door, install butcher block island top, bring in kitchen table, etc. Then we can take up the ram board, clean the floors, vacuum every nook & cranny and move back downstairs! We’ll still have some smaller things to knock out, but it’ll be nice to have the house back to ourselves for the most part.

Fingers crossed we have a BIG week!

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  • I’m so excited for you! When I saw on Instagram you asking how NOT to go in to labor, I had a feeling baby boy would be early! Hope everything went well & you are feeling well. <3

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