Almost 3 weeks ago, baby W decided to surprise everyone and come into the world super early!

He was 37 weeks to the day when I woke up in the middle of the night because my water broke. Since that’s not very common, I attempted to convince myself it was nothing and the contractions weren’t getting stronger and tried going back to sleep… turns out I was in labor and 6 hours after I first woke up at home, we had a baby!

That evening some family was able to get down to Charleston and meet the lil man.

After a little delay from the renovation, we were finally able to get home and he met his big, furry sister. Cleo has been great with him and stays close, unless he’s screaming at night.. then she leaves the room haha.

The 3 of us are getting into a routine and we’re learning how to be parents. It’s been great to have so many friends and family stop by (amidst the construction chaos) and meet the lil guy and we can’t wait for even more to meet him over the holidays!

We’re excited for the new chapter of our lives as a family – Welcome to the world!

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