Looking for some fun ways to create place cards for your Thanksgiving table? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite ways I’ve crafted name cards for the family table over the years.

Paper Pumpkin Pie Place Cards

My sister wanted to create these last year and these are easily my favorite that we’ve ever made. Customize them with different colored paper!

Find the DIY to make your own here.

Pilgrim Hats

Not the greatest picture, but these pilgrim hats I made years ago were a fun addition to our table and easy for anyone to make, even kids!

Find the DIY for these pilgrim hats here.

Pinecone Holder

A simpler route – get some smaller pinecones that will sit flat on their tops, write names on white card stock and just stick them between scales of the pine cone!

This year we also made some candy turkeys with Oreos, Reese’s, Whoppers, candy corn and icing thanks to Uncle Mark. You can never go wrong with a lil dessert with your dinner 😉

Fabric Pumpkins & Leaves

If you have some fabric or faux pumpkins, then cut some leaves out, add names and tie them to the stem of the pumpkin to create these place cards!

Find the DIY for the pumpkin leave place cards on the blog here.

Paper Bag Turkey Legs

Another oldie back from Thanksgiving 2014, we created some place cards using paper lunch / grocery bags, printer paper and a sharpie. Stuff the paper lunch bag with scrap paper. Cut out “turkey bones” from white paper and staple the bag together to resemble a turkey leg, with the bone coming out. Then add the names on the front in marker!

Whether you’re doing something funny, classy, edible or fancy there are a ton of ways you can create your own place cards for your Thanksgiving table! What’s your go to style?

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