I haven’t been creating much because of the renovation, but knew I wanted to make a sign to put next to lil man in the hospital when he was born. Letter boards are extremely popular for this right now, but what’s the fun in that for a crafter? I had to make something myself for him!

DIY Baby Announcement Sign

What you’ll need:

I found a smaller, wooden sign at Michael’s for $5 (and even cheaper with a coupon) and setup my canvas in Design Space to have a brown square with the same dimensions as the sign as a template.

The sign was made of 4 slats of wood, so my sign would have 4 lines of text to fill. His first, middle & last names made 3 of those lines easy to fill and the last one would have his birth date. I wrote out his name with each line being a separate piece of text so I could maximize the width & height for the slat of wood, and so when it was cut and applied to the wood, I’d have more control on the spacing.

Since his due date was up in the air, I added both October and November options with 2 digit dates (using wider numbers to accommodate the longest possible option). I also cut several numbers so I’d be ready for any date!

I cut his name in iron on, but the date in vinyl. Why? Because vinyl isn’t permanent on wood – I could peel it off later. I’d use vinyl in the hospital, then could take those letters off and replace it with with his birth date in iron on later for a more permanent sign.

I adhered his name to the sign using my Easy Press, with each name on a separate row. Then I packed the 75% done sign and date options with the transfer paper already on top in my hospital bag. This way I’d have everything I needed to temporarily finish the sign there!

Well it’s a good thing I thought ahead and had both November & October options ready because lil man decided to make his appearance in the world 3 weeks early, in October!

The first night in the hospital, I pulled out the sign and date options and finished the sign in my hospital bed. The next day my mom helped me snap a picture of him all swaddled with the sign behind that we could use as an announcement.

Now that we’re home and in a routine, I’ve peeled off the vinyl and replaced it with iron on like I had planned. The sign will go in his nursery when that’s complete!

You can turn almost anything into a personalized sign for a baby announcement, just make sure to keep do the date last and have options ready 😉

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