With free 2 day shipping through my Prime account, Amazon is one of the most convenient things in our lives. Now that baby W is here, I thought I’d share some of my favorite purchases on Amazon that helped with my pregnancy.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase something from them a little bit goes back to help support my blog!

Pregnancy Pillow

I totally thought these “pregnancy” pillows seemed like a bit much, but this is easily my favorite purchase during my pregnancy (and still today). I was lucky that I slept fairly well, but my back and sides sometimes needed more support when I was on the couch or in bed at night. My neighbor mentioned that their pillow was a game changer so I found one on Amazon to try out.

I use this thing multiple times a day. It’s that awesome. If I’m on the couch, it’s around me. It’s also under the covers with me in bed and has been great for sleeping on your side.

Cleo and Hunter also love this, haha. I’ve found Hunter curled up with it on the couch and Cleo hops right up on it every night and will pass out on it.

100% worth the $40.

Burt’s Bees Belly Butter

My friend recommended this lotion for your belly to help with stretch marks and I used it 1-2x a day and still use it today. More than anything, it feels great on your stretching skin, especially after a shower.

Heating Pad

I developed sciatica 6 weeks in and my right side would just hurt when the sciatica acted up (thank goodness it wasn’t 24/7). Hunter has a heating pad, but when I kept stealing his to sit on at night, I realized I should just buy my own! This one was a great price and a larger area so it could cover part of my back and down my leg.

Cleo has also claimed this as her own. It sits on the floor by my side of the bed and she’s turned it into her new bed.. for real. I think she just likes the texture of the cover, but she sleeps on it every night (unplugged). I’ve had to kick her off before so I could plug it in and use it, haha.

Dr Scholl’s Sneakers

I actually bought these at DSW in NYC after my feet took a beating walking in new shoes that were supportive on the bottom, but the straps destroyed the tops of my feet. I wore them the rest of the weekend and have been wearing them around Charleston ever since.

They look cute, but are also really supportive on your feet – something I care more and more about.


In my 2nd trimester my belly started growing more and I needed to find more pregnancy friendly clothes in my wardrobe. I didn’t want to spend a lot on short term clothes, so I bought more non-maternity type clothes that I can wear later and lived in dresses and work out clothes.

This army green dress was great during the summer with the light material. I also liked the look of the smocking at the top. The navy blue stretch dress was so comfortable and doesn’t constrict you at all as you grow. I recently bought the cream lace kimono to wear over my dresses as the weather transitioned (and for my colder office).

Old Navy has also been a great resource for clothes without spending a lot. I bought some basic swing dresses in 3 colors that I wore from the 4th month on. They hid my bump at first and my belly had plenty of room to grow without being constricted. The white & blue polka dot dress I wore to our family photos in Hilton Head was also an Old Navy find.

They also have a great maternity line and I picked up some workout pants that go over your belly that were extremely comfortable as well. I got black ones so I can just throw a dress or tunic over them and wear to work.

Tip: Wait for a sale and snag items for 40% (or more) off!


Up until recently I just slept in old tshirts and pajama bottoms, but after getting a great pair of pajamas from Soma, I am hooked. I picked up a set for the end of my pregnancy and the hospital that I constantly wear. A friend also gave me a pair with a nursing top that were similar to what I got from Soma and ones I’ve seen at Target.

What have been the go-to items you loved during your pregnancy?

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