Are you hosting a gathering for the Super Bowl this year? If you haven’t gotten around to planning anything, there is no need to worry – You can plan a wonderful get-together in a short amount of time! Here are a few tips to have a lasting experience for you and your guests that won’t take you much time at all. 

Easy Dishes

Hosting events like the Super Bowl, tend to be a more intimate setting with close friends and family, so there is no pressure to make everything perfect; however, having tasty food is typically a top priority.

One classic football dish is chicken wing dip. There are several ways to make it, but the easiest is just by using a crockpot. All of the ingredients go in one place, and then you let the crockpot do all the work. Leave it in the crockpot for easy serving too! Find one way to make it here with only 5 ingredients – now that’s easy.

Other options that don’t require much effort but are crowd-pleasers include veggie trays, chips and salsa, charcuterie trays, or even mini burger sliders!

Simple Decorations

If you have extra time after cooking, there are simple ways you can enhance up your get-together with easy decorations.

An easy place to start is by adding signs of the recipes you prepared. You may even add themed stickers, such as footballs and megaphones to the borders of the recipe titles. After that, put the signs in small picture frames to easily display what each dish is. The frames will add a decorative element as well as functionality!

Another simple decor idea you can add to your event is creating DIY football vases. They’re as simple as cutting out the top and bottom of the football and sliding it over a vase. Then, fill it with any flowers you want. Bonus points if you coordinate with the team colors 😉

Both of these ideas are quick to put together and will add that extra personalized touch to your guests’ experience!

Tidy Up

An easy thing to do right before guests come over is to clean up a little bit. There is no reason to bend over backward to have a pristine home since it’s just friends & family; however, your guests will appreciate a clean space, especially where you’re watching the game. Put miscellaneous belongings away, clean the bathroom that they will use, and have space ready in the kitchen for more snacks and drinks. Having several people at your home will inevitably create a mess, so you don’t need to go overboard making it flawless, but it shows you care!

Having a Super Bowl party is a great excuse to get close friends and relatives together in one place. Adding simple touches elevates the party, without the stress so then you can sit back and watch the game with friends (and maybe get a lil rowdy)!

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