An unexpected project from converting the upstairs bedroom from our storage room to a nursery was finding a home for all my holiday and decor boxes! I’ve always stored them in that bedroom closet, but step 1 of our renovation was for me to go through everything in that room, including all my holiday decor, and then move it downstairs until Phase 1 was over.

Part of turning the FROG into a bedroom (by real estate standards) included adding a closet, so that was going to be my new home for those boxes. Once we moved everything out of the frog and put the house back together, I got to put my new closet together!

Over the years we have bought several plastic bins for storage and have quite a few varieties. When I went through everything before the renovation, I tried to match as many of the bins as possible so they’d be the same. I used to label everything with painter’s tape and a sharpie, but no more… new closet = new consistent labels!

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Organizing Storage Boxes with Custom Labels

What you’ll need:

The project itself is really straight forward – create custom labels for your storage bins using your Cricut! Open Design Space and type out the labels you need using a font that’s easy to read. I really like Cricut Sans in all caps for projects like this. It’s a good block font that’s also a little fun. Resize each storage bin name to be at least an inch tall, then cut them all out.

Weed the excess vinyl away from your labels. Apply the transfer tape and use the scraper to make sure it’s on well. Remove the backing and apply your design to the bin. I put all of mine in the top right corner so I could see the ones that are to the left of the door.

Use the scraper again to make sure the vinyl is on the bin, then remove the transfer tape. Voila – your bins are labelled and just need to be put in the closet in a logical manner!

I love a good organization project and this was the perfect opportunity to finally organize all my decor and start the year off cleaning things out! I’m so glad we put a large closet in the FROG and I now have a permanent home for my decor. I even have another 2/3 of the closet to fill 😉

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