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Now that we’re in month 4, I thought I’d share the items that we used ALL THE TIME in the first 3 months W was born.

  • Infantino Carrier: Once he was big enough we used this everyday. When he gets fussy and just wants to be held, I put him in it and he goes to sleep, plus I still have 2 hands to do stuff. It’s a 4 in 1 convertible one, so he’ll be able to use it as he grows.
  • Boppy lounger: We used this like 70% of the day. He’d chill in it when he was awake and we’d carry it to every room (even friends houses). (Similar to Dock a Tot)
  • Boppy nursing pillow: Used this all the time with breastfeeding and just as a support when holding him to shove under your arm.
  • Play mat: We used this for tummy time and now he really interacts with the stuff hanging above him and kicking the piano keys.
  • Nanit: This is the monitor we have and it’s been great. It uses wifi and your phone becomes the monitor, so you aren’t limited by range of the screen. We can give / remove access for babysitters and we have the travel stand that is wonderful for traveling.
  • Pacifiers (wubbanubb & soothie): First of all, never feel bad that you give your baby a pacifier – it’s literally life changing at times when they cry and helped soothe him. He loves the wubbanubs so I also got the green ones (that are at the end of them) for daycare. Penguin & monkey are our current favs.
  • Bottle warmerMakes middle of the night bottles (or bottles when he’s crying) faster & easier than warming up with hot water in a cup.
  • Pack n playFor a number of reasons this is helpful, but currently we have ours setup in the guest bedroom as a diaper station downstairs. My mom also has one at her house which is super helpful so we don’t have to bring ours when we travel.
  • Hand sanitizer: We keep a bottle in the living room, in our downstairs diaper station, in the box by his changing pad upstairs, in diaper bag, etc.
  • SwaddlesHe was so small at first that these were the only ones that would work, but we’ve been using the Halo ones for awhile and really like them. You can also swaddle them a few ways in them which is helpful.
  • Diaper changing padI keep this folded up in the diaper bag and have used it a ton when we’re out.
  • Peanut changerSo most changing pads are covered with a sheet, but this one isn’t and you can just wipe it down if anything gets on it (and it will) which makes it 100x better in my opinion.
  • Bottle brushMakes cleaning the insides of bottles easier. 
  • Car seat / strollerWe were between the Uppa Baby and Chicco Key Fit and went with Chicco because safety rating was a little higher.  The best part is that we have the car seat bases in each of our cars, and the carrier just snaps into those or into the stroller so it’s easy to move him around. We also have 1 extra car seat base that we can put in other cars if needed (like grandparents).
  • Car seat mirror: So you can see them when you’re driving. Have in each of our cars.
  • White noise machine / night light: You can control it from your phone, there are a ton of noises and light choices you can choose from and you can have favorites in there.

What did you use with your newborn that was a “must have”?

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