Oh yes I did.

So our lil guy was 3 weeks early and while he’s very long, he’s always been on the little side, so naturally I’ve called him “little nugget” from day 1.

Mix that with my love for Chickfila (and this Chickfila nugget clipart), and you’ve got a new onesie creation from yours truly!

I used Cricut’s infusible ink so the design would be more permanent than iron on (and stand up to all the things a baby manages to get on their clothes). After creating my design, cutting it on the ink transfer sheet and applying it with my EasyPress 2, I had a onesie for my nugget!

Pretty sure this is going to be my new go to baby shower gift — who wouldn’t want to enjoy some nuggets with your little nugget?! Hope yall enjoy it too 🙂

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