Time for another renovation reveal! (Aka we’ve gotten into a groove with our schedules and I have some time to blog at night)

The idea of the multi use bourbon room came about after living in the house for a little while. It is technically a formal living room, but became the room that the golf clubs went in (they would rust in our garage with the salt air), my box of books, and just lots of other boxes we didn’t have a place for. We also had cabinet for Hunter’s bourbon collection in there

Okay starting from the beginning, here’s what the room looked like in the listing photo, then during the renovation:

In this room… we scraped the ceiling, installed new hardwood floors, added a wall of built in cabinets, golf lockers and a corner cabinet, installed new trim and crown molding, and painted the walls, ceiling and built ins.

The biggest change was to add all those built ins and storage into the room. We now have a place to store golf clubs, books, bourbon, memorabilia, and other items we want handy, but not out. With the dining room now opened up to the kitchen and new front door with windows, this room gets so much more natural light.

Now for the before & after shots:

Obviously we aren’t done in here yet… We’re planning on adding a rug, seating and a little table. We’ll do that we find the right pieces, so who knows when it’ll be complete, but we’re hoping to finish it this year. This will be a great before or after dinner spot to curl up and read a book or enjoy a drink!

It’s nice to have turned a formal living room into something that we actually use!

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