I got a lot of feedback that the list of things I used during pregnancy and the first 3 months with lil man was helpful, so I’m back with items that have been helpful for me personally!

We breastfed at the beginning and are currently doing a bm / formula combo so you’ll notice that a lot of these things are related to pumping because that is a huge part of my day.

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  • Nursing tanks: My friend told me about these and I lived in them during maternity leave. They made breastfeeding and pumping so much easier and accessible. I got 2 packs of 3 that I rotated through. Now that I’m back at work, I will still wear them when I can with an outfit so it’s easier to pump, but they get the most wear at night and on weekends.
  • Pumping bra: For some reason I wasn’t using these at the beginning so would hold the bottles / cups each time. I was an idiot. This makes pumping so much easier and you have have 2 free hands. Still wear it everyday.
  • Strapless  pumping bra: An alternative to the one above if you can’t have straps showing. Don’t use this as much, but still helpful when I need it.
  • Baby Tracker App: This is the app we use to track everything for the lil guy. Yup, apps can help you with so many baby related things and this is the one that we use the most, besides the Nanit app. Track feedings, diaper changes, pumping, sleep, etc. You can have multiple people add data so it’s not just on one person. I recommend downloading before going into labor so you’re ready from the beginning to track everything that the doctor will ask about.
  • Diaper bag: Technically a baby thing, but it’s also become my purse when we’re out together, so get a good one. I’ve enjoyed the one we got because of the different ways to hold it (love it as backpack so I have 2 hands), the pocket for bottles in the front and versatility on the inside.
  • Lactation cookies: If your milk supply is low or you’re just trying to increase it, these cookies are a good boost. I eat a pack a day and did notice a difference after a few days. Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to eat cookies? (You can probably bake cookies too, but I just buy these for the convenience factor).
  • Cooler: If you’re pumping at work, or somewhere else, then you’ll need a cooler to transport the milk. This one is small and can fit in my laptop bag and the mini fridge in the mother’s room at work.
  • Extra pump (if possible): If you have a friend who used the same pump you have and they aren’t currently use it, ask if you can borrow it! I borrowed a friend’s pump for work and it makes it so much easier to leave it there with extra parts instead of having to pack everything multiple times a day.
  • Body Armor: We already kept these on hand, but I started drinking them more frequently to help with my supply. Healthier than regular Gatorade!

I’m also still using my pregnancy pillow (seriously, best thing ever), belly butter and sneakers everyday.

If you’re a mom, what are the go-to things you use everyday? I’m always looking for things to make our days (especially mornings) easier and more efficient!

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