Time to reveal the colorful upstairs bathroom!

When we would give tours of the house, this is the room where people started to understand the work we had in front of us. Here’s what it looked like in the original listing photos from 2017:

A lot of green and blue. Even the inside of the drawers were painted blue.

About this time last year I was sick of the colors and wanted to slowly work on updating the room so it wouldn’t be so harsh on the eyes. It’s also worth noting that this was the shower we used (since the master bathroom was such a wreck), so I saw that blue & green everyday.

By the end of those few weeks, I had at least gotten rid of the blue by painting the cabinets and replacing the closet door. This is what it looked like when we started the renovation:

An improvement, but not at all what we wanted the finished bathroom to look like. To get it updated to this decade we chiseled out the floors, cut out the fiberglass shower insert, took down the cabinet wall by the toilet, took out the vanity, the multiple counters & mirrors, added tile floors, installed a new bathtub, tiled the wall above the tub, installed a custom built in vanity, installed granite countertop, new sink, new plumbing & hardware, new toilet, new mirror, new light fixture over the vanity, new light / fan in the bath, new air register, new towel and toilet paper hooks, scraped the ceiling, painted the ceiling, added crown molding, replaced baseboards, painted the walls, new door, and new door hardware.

Basically, only the closet that I painted remained untouched. Everything else was gutted.

After all of the work we had a great new bathroom for lil man! The reveal pictures should probably show empty countertops, but that’s not what it really looks like in here right now.

Once we got to bring the babe home, Hunter also bought a mini fridge to keep milk in here. At that time we didn’t have a functioning kitchen (and were just living in 2 rooms upstairs), so the closest fridge was in the garage which was not ideal for all the feeding & pumping- especially in the middle of the night. This room is the home to all of our milk, bottles and drying rack, which is super convenient since it’s next to the nursery.

This is what the upstairs bathroom looks like now – bottles, drying rack and all!

Light: Wayfair |Hooks: Lowe’s | Sea Turtle Painting: EmCo Arts | Bath / Shower Kit: Lowe’s | Mirror & Vanity: Custom built

Now here’s a great glow up comparison for you.

Bye, blue & green… hello, classic white & gray!

I’d still like to hang a glass fish that was my great-grandmother’s above the towel hooks, install a hand towel hook when the fridge is gone and get a bath mat by the tub. Minor items compared to what we started with!

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