With the world staying home right now, I thought I’d share some of the projects I’ve been play around with! Some local friends were sharing coloring pages and it got me thinking… I wonder if you can create these with your Cricut. You can! (And there are quite a few posts online about how to create them)

Creating a coloring page on your Cricut is very easy – you just create a design, switch it to draw instead of cut and draw it with a pen!

First, I wanted to create my own design, so I created a beach scene using images from Design Space and setting them to “draw” instead of cut. Then attached all the images and resized it to fit on a 8″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

Knowing Design Space has a ton of images ready to go, I figured there would be some other great designs in there for coloring. I searched for geometric designs in the image search and found one that looked fun to color (Scallop web draw #M23EC2AB). I added that to my canvas, resized so it would fit on a piece of scrap card stock, then drew it with my pen.

Within minutes I had 2 coloring sheets ready to be used! If you have a kid, this would be a great way to entertain them for a little bit while you work from home, or a way to color and de-stress as an adult.

You can find the beach scene coloring canvas on Design Space here.

Cricut also has a lot of promotions going on right now if you need some craft supplies: Free Shipping, Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine for $229., Save 40% off Select Paper, Save 40% off Select Iron-On Materials and they’ve added 1,000 free images to Design Space to use while you’re at home.

Being able to do some crafting at night after lil man is asleep has made me feel more normal, which is hard to do in today’s world with everything going on. I hope you’re able to find some normalcy and are staying safe at home!

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