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This cute little guy is Cricut’s latest cutting machine, Cricut Joy!

It’s a smaller version of the Maker or Explore Air Series that’s perfect for traveling or a beginner crafter. You can use normal materials with the machine, like vinyl, card stock and iron on, but it also has specialized materials like smart vinyl and iron on (no mat needed to cut) and card kits & mats.

In the few weeks I’ve had the machine, I’ve made a LOT of cards and cut some of the smart vinyl to start playing around with it. Here are a few of my projects so far:

The cards are SO easy to make. Since the kits already have the card stock itself cut and folded, you just put it on the card mat, cut, and done. These clear tumblers with straws would be great for crafting!

I’m looking forward to spending some more quarantined nights playing with my Cricut Joy and seeing what else I can make!

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