Alright dads, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you can’t rely on school to make cute handmade gifts this year. It’s all you, but I’ve got you covered!

Since lil man wouldn’t have any cute crafts coming home with him from daycare, I wanted to make my own for my first Mother’s Day! Yes.. I made my own which was a present in itself because I love to craft and I got to do something with the lil guy.. even though crafting with a 6 month old presents it’s own set of challenges haha.

Baby Footprint Flower Bouquet

What you’ll need:

  • Baby
  • Non-toxic, washable paint
  • Paint brush
  • Computer paper
  • Scissors
  • Scrap green card stock
  • White card stock
  • Glue

The first and hardest step is getting little painted feet on paper. I put some paint on a paper plate, brushed the bottom of his foot and stamped it on a piece of computer paper. I did 2 foot prints in 1 color (lavender) and a 3rd in a second color (pink).

If you don’t have help, I suggest putting the little one in a front facing carrier so you have both hands to paint the foot and press it on the paper without getting paint everywhere. And have baby wipes handy to wipe those feet off quickly afterwards.

Set the painted foot prints to the side to dry and get the rest of your materials out. Once the feet have dried, cut them out and glue them to the card stock, leaving a little room at the top and some at the bottom for “stems.”

Note: In 2 cases, I had foot prints by each other that looked good, so I just cut 1 large “bouquet” out instead of each foot print separately to put arrange the way I wanted.

Cut some green stems from scrap card stock and glue them from the end of the foot, gathering together like a bouquet would.

With that, you’re done! I wanted to add a bow to my bouquets, so cut some out with my Cricut (aff link). Then I added a message on the top and signed it from lil man to finish it off.

Since I have terrible handwriting, I ended up cutting my message in iron on and applying it to the card stock with my EasyPress 2 (aff link). I hadn’t used iron on with card stock yet and just wanted to try something new… making this was my Mother’s Day gift too!

Right now I have my footprint bouquet on the shelf in the living room so I can see those cute feet every time I’m in there, but I’ll frame this soon so I can keep it forever 🙂

I hope his grandmom’s and great-grandmother’s enjoy their bouquets too!

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