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Now that the lil ham is 6 months old (!!!), I wanted to share the things we’ve been using the most over the last 3 months. There are still some favorites from newborn to 3 months, and new things we’ve started using as he’s growing and doing more.

Still Favorites

  • Carrier: We still use this multiple times a day to carry him around the house and on golf cart rides. We’ve used it a lot the last month being quarantined at home – it’s great when you’re on a call and need to carry him around too! (Beware, they’ll pull out your headphones)
  • Play mat: This is still setup in our living room and where he does his tummy time, rolls around and grabs all the toys hanging down.
  • Bouncer: We use this around the house and always put him in it after he eats so he stays upright for a bit to help prevent spitting up.
  • Foam play mat: I didn’t mention this last time, but we put this foam play mat down in the corner of the living room on top of the hardwoods for him to play on something soft. The play mat and some other toys are on top.


  • Toys: 3-6 months has been a fun age because he’s interested in toys and interacting with things! Some current favorite toys are his stuffed elephant with crinkle ears, a lion ring, twist teether and Nuby helicopter.
  • Jumparoo: This was the best score off of a Mom swap Facebook group. For $20, I got this jumparoo and he LOVES it. As he got older and could touch the ground with his toes he started bouncing around in it. It’s been so fun watching him learn how to play with the toys around it too.
  • Toy bar for bouncer: I didn’t get the one that went with his bouncer, but this one was much cheaper, cuter (in my opinion) and can clip on a lot of things. He loves grabbing and shaking the different toys on it.
  • Fabric crinkly books: He has a few of these and loves grabbing the pages and making them crinkle…and putting them in his mouth like everything right now.


  • 8oz Dr. Brown’s bottles: Once lil man started eating bigger bottles, we switched to Dr. Brown’s 8oz bottles with the vent system to try to help with his spit up.
  • Medium flow nipples: We started with the Medela medium flow nipples since those are the bottles / pumping accessories we use. We now use the stage 2 Dr Brown’s nipples since we switched to Dr. Brown’s bottles.
  • Bumbo seat & tray: We use this to help teach him how to sit up and once he turned 4 months old and we started trying foods, we eat in it too! Very easy to wipe clean after it gets dirty from eating.
  • Spoons: Now that we’re eating real food, we got some baby spoons to go with it. A friend recommended these and they’ve worked great so far!


  • Wet wash cloth: Of all things we’ve tried when he’s been teething and in pain, the wet wash cloth has been the one that’s lasted in his mouth the longest. He just sucks on it and seems content.
  • Teething keys: These are the teething toy he likes the most. We cool them in the fridge, then he chews on them.
  • Infant Tylenol: Yep. We had to give him some Tylenol from teething pain and when he had a viral infection (fun times). Sucks, but necessary.
  • Baby toothbrush: My friend Meg told me about this one (lukcily Calvin is a few months older). The doctor mentioned getting a beginner brush so he gets used to brushing his gums / teeth and he LOVES using this each night.


  • Book bag: My friend gave us the cutest seersucker book bag and he takes it to daycare everyday with his bottles, paci and extra clothes. Well he used to.. but one day he will again!
  • Nanit sleep sack: We use the Nanit baby monitor and this sleep sack has a pattern on it that the camera reads and can tell you the baby’s breaths per minute. It was great for peace of mind when he moved into his crib and when he started rolling all around and sleeping on his belly. We got the bigger sizes during a sale too!
  • Regular sleep sack: These are perfect for daycare and come in a pack of 3 so there’s always a clean one ready!
  • Nailmed nasabulb 2 ct: I think the pollen and cool / warm weather affected all of us and we used this a lot getting boogers out of his nose. I like it because it’s clear so you can see if you got anything and take the top off to clean it out.
  • Dreft detergent: Forgot to add this before too, but this is the detergent we’ve been using for his things! The smell just makes me think of him too.

What did you use all the time as your baby started getting bigger?

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