Ready for an easy less than 1 hour DIY?

In my “spare” time during the quarantine, I’ve been trying to finish getting pictures of the remaining rooms for our renovation reveals. Some rooms (aka FROG / playroom) need some cleaning up, while others just needed a tiny touch to be considered done.

There was only 1 thing that bugged me about our downstairs bathroom and it was all the shower bottles in the niche. Previously, the shower had a curtain and you didn’t see them, but now you see all the bright colors which just didn’t jive with the pretty tile… so I was going to fix that.

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Labelled Shower Containers

What you’ll need:

I found these glass containers with pumps that would hold the shampoo, conditioner and body wash, so I could recycle the bright containers. Since the contents wouldn’t be descriptive, I also added some vinyl labels to them so guests knew what was what when they needed to shower! This was also basically a shower version of my storage bins.

Cut the vinyl with your Cricut and weed out the excess. Add the transfer paper, use your scraper to get any air bubbles out and apply the vinyl to the glass containers.

Once the containers are labelled, add the shampoo / conditioner / body wash to the appropriate bottle.

Here’s the before & after:

Voila, much better!

Now when you walk in the bathroom, your eye doesn’t go to the bright bottles. Mission accomplished.

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