In this world of Covid-19, we are seeing many celebrations be postponed or moved to virtual events. One trend that I am loving is the “drive by” celebration. We’ve seen a few birthday ones in our neighborhood and they are so special (and maybe I teared up seeing a 5 year old so excited having everyone drive by).

A group of us were planning on hosting a Baby Shower Happy Hour for our friends at the end of May. When the time came to make the decision about having it or changing plans, we decided to switch to a drive by celebration and host a Sip n See celebration later in the fall when (hopefully) things are safe again.

Here are a few ways you can switch your baby shower to a drive by celebration and still make it special for the mom-to-be!

Decorate the Driveway

Your theme doesn’t have to change because the venue and style has! Bring the decor outdoors and setup some chairs for the parents and a table by them. Add a tablecloth, centerpiece and baby photos to the table. You could also add some balloons and have a cute place for presents to be dropped off with a banner.

Tip: Make sure it’s close enough to the street so your “attendees” can see it from their car.

Practice Safe Social Distancing

If people want to stop by and chat, let them! We setup some tailgate chairs spaced out in the yard under a tree so people could chat for a few minutes and see the parents to be, while staying outside and at a safe distance.

Tip: Have hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes handy to keep hosts and guests clean!

Give Favors

While keeping cleanliness in mind, have some favors for the attendees ready to give out. We provided cupcakes, boxes of popcorn and individual drinks to hand out with a customized label on them.

Include Those Who Can’t Make It

Changing to a drive by celebration instead of a party may cut out congregating, but it doesn’t have to exclude people! Add a virtual element to the celebration by having a host in charge of a Zoom call or Facebook Live. Send the link out to those who can’t make it ahead of time and spend the first few minutes letting them speak to the couple, seeing the setup and the first few cars go by.

Tip: Don’t limit the virtual celebration. People you may not have thought of will want to send them love, and that makes it even more special.

Tip: Create a special background for the mom to be if you do a Zoom call!

Have you had to change up a celebration during these times?

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