Okay, this might be my favorite project I’ve done in a long time. One night during our bedtime routine Hunter & lil man were looking in the mirror above his changing pad making faces and it hit me… I should write a little message to him on the mirror!

We always tell him how much we love him, so I decided to have Hunter write “We love you! – Dad & Mom” in Sharpie, take a picture then convert it to an image to cut out (like I did with this canvas) in white window cling material (aff link) with my Cricut and put it on his mirror!

Cleaning up the image was time consuming, but worth it.

Tip: When cutting an intricate design on window cling material, mirror it so you can apply it straight to the surface using the backing to keep your design together.

When he’s older and can read, he’ll always have a reminder of how much we love him! Plus we can take it off without damaging the glass on the mirror 😉 Now if only taking photos of mirrors was easier..

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