I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since we bought this house! I still remember walking through it and imagining how we would live in it.

While I’ve slowly been sharing photos of our completed renovation inside, I also wanted to look back at how far we’ve come in our yard. For most of the first 2 years we focused most of our time and a lot of sweat tearing down the overgrowth, cleaning out beds, creating new ones and planting. We’re starting to really see the fruits of our labor as these plants are growing and filling out like we had envisioned.

Plus we all know Hunter prides himself on our lawn which has come a long way in a few years.

I recently came across some Google Maps photos that just blew my mind of how overgrown the side yard was, so decided to do some comparison with those and the original listing photos to now!

Turns out we really have done a TON of work in the yard and it looks light years different than where we started. I’m so happy with our years long plans and can’t wait to see how it looks in another 3!

What’s left? There’s always a list. Right now we want to remove the birch on the side yard, add more plants to fill in empty spots by the HVAC and porch, finish the area in front of the guest room window, really clean out the bed between us and our neighbors and add some plants there.

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