I realized that I never shared this little project on my blog, so here we are 🙂

When the quarantine started back in March and everything was uncertain, there were a few movements started to decorate your windows and spread some joy to those who might be walking by. I loved that idea and pulled out some white and red window cling material (aff link) I had one night and got to work!

My original plan was to write out LOVE in white and cut a bunch of red hearts in various sizes to fill in the window in a heart shape around that.

In theory it looked good, but in execution.. you couldn’t see it from the street. The screens block most of it, and my office windows are on the second floor and harder to see.

Then I remembered we had the beautiful new front door installed with windows – that’s where my message would go!

I added the LOVE, but it was missing something, so I turned it into a Beatles lyric! You could even see it in the front porch photos we did 🙂

Want to make your own version? You can find the design in Design Space here!

This project made me realize how great it is to have some window cling material on hand, so I’m restocking my white and getting a few other colors so I can do other things throughout the year!

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