While I’m still working on getting some photos of the remaining rooms to reveal (and getting the rooms a little more finished), I thought I’d share some of the details that we carried throughout the house during the renovation.

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Before the renovation, the home had at least 6 colors on the walls ranging from bright green to brown, yellow and blue. We kept it simple and stuck with 1 neutral color scheme throughout the whole house so we could add our own pops of color through drapes, rugs and pillows (and a blue island in the kitchen).

  • Walls: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray in cashmere luster
  • Ceiling: Sherwin Williams Promar 400 interior flat paint
  • Trim / cabinets: Sherwin Williams ProClassic semi gloss extra white
  • Kitchen island: Sherwin Williams Revel Blue

We used Repose Gray in our first home and liked it so it was an option for this one. After choosing between 6 samples, we came back to it again and I still love it.


I was scarred from all of the 80’s light fixtures in the hallways and rooms. The brass with etched glass, very low chandeliers and florescent lights had to go.

We kept it simple here again and replaced all those crazy hallway lights, the brass track lighting, and massive fluorescent light in the kitchen with canned lights. The cabinets in the bourbon room had some rope lights added just inside them for back lighting.

Outside of that, the only lighting decision we really made was in the bathrooms! And… we ended up going with the same fixture over all the vanities (just different sizes), haha. We had to get a larger backplate to cover some holes they didn’t patch over 2 vanities, but once we found one that worked and we liked, we went with it everywhere.

Worth noting: By the time we made bathroom lighting decisions, I was at home with a newborn baby, living in a construction zone and basically stuck in 2 rooms. I was over it and wanted the least amount of decisions as possible.

Hinkley Jackson Vanity Light

Flooring & Tile

Flooring was one of the first decisions we made way back in June when we were just heading down this path. We worked with Multi Family Flooring to do all of our floors and tile.

  • Tile floors & shower walls: Mohawk Montrelle Grigio Marmo in 24″x12″ tiles
  • Tile floor in shower: Hexagon gray tile with anti-skid finish
  • Hardwood floors: Mullican Oak Dark Chocolate


We also went with the same white river granite for all of our counters / walls in the kitchen, bathroom vanities and the desk in the playroom.


You never know how much hardware you need throughout your house until you are replacing all of it. We had to determine how many of each interior door knob we needed and make sure I ordered the right things (spoiler: I messed up one, but was able to cancel it in time).

When it came to the cabinet pulls & knobs, I made general counts and just ordered a few more of each since I wasn’t totally decided on what knobs vs pulls to use where.

Plumbing Fixtures

We also kept things consistent with the same faucets and fixtures in the showers from the Moen Lindor collection. We weren’t going to change those up when everything else was the same!

See something I didn’t give the details on? Ask me! I’m happy to share the information!

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