When the upstairs bathroom was finished earlier this year, we had a shower rod hung to hold an XL shower curtain (84″) for 2 reasons: 1. I didn’t want them to screw it into the tile, so it was above the tile and in the drywall. 2. I love longer shower curtains because it brings your eye up to appreciate the height of the room (and in this case the new crown molding we had installed).

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find an XL shower curtain I liked to hang. I searched for a white waffle weave one for months and finally gave up. A custom one seemed too $$$ for a kid’s bathroom. Eventually I found a more playful one with waves from Target that I really liked, but it was the wrong length. I slowly talked myself into just buying that shower curtain and creating my own XL length one to fit what I needed.

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No Sew Extra Long Shower Curtain

What you’ll need:

Since I don’t have a sewing machine, I came up with my own no sew method which was a simple strategy: Use the patterned shower curtain, buy another solid shower curtain and cut off the bottom of it (so sides are already hemmed, attach the 2 curtains and cover the seam with trim so it’s a prettier transition.

Seems simple, right?

I got both of my shower curtains from Target and decided that if this didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be out that much money.

My patterned shower curtain was 72″ tall (confirmed by measuring it). I also confirmed the height from the floor to the shower curtain rod and confirmed that 84″ in length would be ideal, including it hanging on shower rings.

Cut 14″ off the bottom of your solid shower curtain to give you a 2″ overlap for iron on adhesive. Measure across the bottom to mark where you’ll cut, then cut the bottom using your fabric scissors. Since my solid curtain had a small waffle weave, this was easy to keep straight by cutting down a row.

Now you’ll need to attach the 2 pieces. If you want to sew them, go to town, or whip out the ultra strong iron on adhesive to do the job without a sewing machine.

Flip you patterned shower curtain over so you’ll adhere the bottom to the backside. Pin the solid curtain to the patterned one with your 2″ overlap. Follow the directions of the adhesive and slowly make your way down the curtain, removing the pins along the way.

Of course my 2 curtains were about an inch off of width, so I also used the iron on adhesive to make the longer, solid curtain the same width as the patterned one, with a clean seam. Hopefully yours will line up perfectly 🙂

Next: Add the trim. I planned to just have 1 strip of trim across where the 2 curtains met, but you could see where the adhesive was against the white, so went with 2 row instead to cover that and the transition.

Since the trim was textured, the iron on adhesive I used before wouldn’t work, so I used the fabric glue instead.

Line up your trim over the shower curtain and squeeze a line of glue out, then press the trim down on top. Leave a little extra on each side of the curtains (you’ll trim it up square later). Repeat for your 2nd row of trim, if needed and let dry.

The last step is to cut the trim so it’s in line with the curtain. Boom – you now have an XL shower curtain ready to hang!

I really liked how the gray and navy blues worked with the curtain and the bathroom. I go a navy blue bath mat to match and it all goes with our “ocean” themed bathroom!

It’s not perfect, but I love it and that’s what matters – especially for a fraction of the cost of a custom made shower curtain!

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