Our family loves Jeopardy!. Any given night someone might text about one of the contestants by first name in our family group chat and we’ll all know who they’re talking about.

My friend Margo put some baby Jeopardy together at my baby shower last October, and it seemed like the perfect game at our family baby celebration for our Jeopardy loving family.

Because we love Jeopardy so much, I did it right. The right number of columns, answers on the board, etc. I came up with my 6 categories and questions / answers for each clue.

Then I wrote each answer on a note card with the $ value on the front. (Remember in Jeopardy the “questions” are called answers and you answer in the form of a question.) Then I taped them to a tri-fold board with washi tape.

Split the party into 3 groups and play your game! We also had a final Jeopardy question to cap it off.

In true Pfeiffer fashion, things got competitive. It was a fun way to get everyone involved and not your typical baby shower game.

Below are the answers / questions I put together (with a little help from the internet).

What fun baby shower games have you played before?

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