Since Covid-19 isn’t going away, but you don’t want to stop the celebrations, I’m sharing some tips to throw a safe baby shower! I also have tips on hosting a drive by shower here.

Back in June my family got together to celebrate not 1, but 2 new babies joining the family in August & September. There was a group of 19 of us, so we made things as safe as possible so we could celebrate the moms & dads to be!


Cut down on people touching everything by having silverware & napkins individually wrapped and easy to grab. Have foods prepared in individual cups or on skewers so people are only touching what they take. Have toothpicks near anything you would pick up instead of shared utensils.

If you have to serve anything, have someone serve it so the serving spoons are only touched by 1 person. We had 2 people serve the BBQ, stew & beans and everyone just walked down the line like a cafeteria.


Where possible, serve drinks in individual containers (like water bottles or cans). If you are serving something that doesn’t come in its own container (like our lemonade bar) considering pre pouring cups or making sure to keep high touch containers wiped down.


The bathroom is a place everyone will likely go at some point, so we made it as clean and contact free as possible. Instead of a hand towel by the sink, use paper towels. Keep the fan on so air is circulating and have someone wipe down high touch areas frequently.


While being outdoor is the safest option, that’s not always possible in the summer heat in the South. We had an indoor / outdoor celebration to space things out for our family.

Drinks were all outside, as well as a few seating areas. The seating inside was spaced out as well.

Always have hand sanitizer out by drink & food tables and plenty of soap and paper towels by sinks!

It’s weird to even think about these things, but this pandemic won’t stop celebrations – they might just look a little different. I’m so excited for our family (and next generation) to grow!

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