It’s time for another edition of “Stuff we use” now that Will is over 9 months old! Check out my 3-6 months and newborn – 3 months lists too.

In the last 3 months we’ve gone from sitting up to crawling to pulling up. If he’s awake, he’s on the move. We’ve also had 2 family trips and recently started back at daycare. The end of April seems so long ago, so I’ve tried to include everything that was helpful the last 3 months, but a lot has changed!

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Still Favorites

  • Foam play mat: While most toys are in the playroom now, this foam mat is still in the living room with a few toys and we crawl all over it everyday.
  • Jumparoo: Still think this was the best score off of a Mom swap Facebook group for $20. Now that he’s mobile, it’s great to put him in this if you need to do something real quick.
  • Spoons: These were awesome with all of the pureed foods he ate and we still use them with some solid foods too. He loves holding / chewing on them – maybe one day soon he’ll scoop something up and eat it himself!


  • Toys: He is officially playing with everything he can get his hands on. Foam blocks, wooden activity cube, foam pull back cars, stackable cups, dimpl are his current favorites.
  • Alligator push toy: We don’t quite walk with this yet, but first he loved spinning the bugs and now it’s all about moving the wheels and watching the alligators chomp. We’ve started pulling up on it though, so walking around on it is in the future.
  • Baby Pool: Hands down the best purchase of the summer. We sit in this dog / baby pool Fri-Sun. The medium size fits an adult and it’s a great way to cool off while he plays with toys and enjoys the water. No inflating and no hose running the whole time, which were my requirements.
  • Bath time: After he mastered sitting up, he’s out of his bath seat and loves playing with the foam letters / numbers, his bath book and the whale faucet cover while we bathe him.


  • High chair: Once lil man’s legs got a lil chunky, he outgrew the Bumbo seat, so we put him in his high chair for meals. It’s so easy to wipe clean after a meal and Cleo loves to sit under him waiting for anything he drops.
  • Plate: The silicone plate sticks to his high chair tray, he can’t pull it up and it’s easy to clean. Boom.
  • Silicone Bibs: I used some cloth bibs at first and each one would get so dirty and need to be washed. These rinse right off in the sink and are ready to go again. Highly recommend a silicone bib!
  • Sippy Cups: We have just recently mastered the sippy cup and we tried a few. The Dr Browns and Munchkin ones with a straw are the 2 that he uses at home and at daycare.
  • Snack cup:


  • Golf cart seat: Evening golf cart rides are our only outing most days right now, but he was getting big and wiggly to be strapped in the carrier while I sat, so I tried this out. It has been perfect! He sits up and is safely strapped in while we all enjoy some fresh air.
  • Hook on chair: This is the best thing ever when traveling. We brought it to Hilton Head and Georgia and it easily clips onto any counter / table we’ve encountered, but breaks down to easily travel. If you don’t have room for a high chair, this would be great too!
  • Walker: A little more compact than other walkers, but still gives them freedom to walk around (with help). Works great on our hardwood floors and thin rugs.
  • Push Tricycle: Another hand me down that we have enjoyed before it got too hot outside. We walk around our area of the neighborhood and he gets a different view. Convertible to be a tricycle as he gets bigger and more independent.
  • Wagon: I got this wagon the week before we went to the beach and it was perfect for the trip and our beach trips at home afterwards! It folds up to easily travel / store, has 2 seat belts to strap the lil one in and has the canopy which offered shade by the pool when he took a nap.
  • Pool float: Can’t go to the pool without a float! While he still prefers being held in the water, he also sits in this and we float around the pool.
  • Cabinet locks: Right as he turned 9 months old we had to order & install some cabinet locks because he was suddenly interested in opening doors in the kitchen. These are hidden, have an on/off switch and are so easy to install (and remove later when you need to).

In May I went to an event where moms could sell gently used kid stuff (from clothes to toys and everything in between). I scored some great wooden developmental toys for a steal and they are some of his favorite toys right now. Look for something similar in your area, Facebook marketplace or your neighborhood group for any hand me downs! We have a great group in our neighborhood and I’ve already started passing along some stuff to the younger babies in our group.

There wasn’t a teething section this time since we still don’t have any teeth.. but we’re ready whenever they come!

Any recommendations for things we need for 9-12 months? I have some shoes ready because lil man seems ready to walk!

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