The night my niece was born I had to make something. We didn’t learn her name until she was born, so I felt like she needed something with her initials or name. I had just made a rainbow pillow for her playroom, so kept with the infusible ink theme and whipped together a layered infusible ink floral initial onesie for her!

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Layered Infusible Ink Floral Initial Onesie

What you’ll need:

Step 1 was to come up with a design. Instead of just a monogram, I decided to do a floral background with a large R on top. I found a cute Heart of Flowers design (M14964E00) and made all of the pieces purple. Insert the letter R and choose a cute font (I went with Amelie). Resize the heart & letter to fit nicely together and then be the right size for your onesie. For the 3-6 month one, I went with 5″ wide.

If you’re using my design, then just replace the R with what letter you need!

Using your Cricut machine, cut out the design on your purple & black infusible ink sheets, making sure to mirror the design and set your material to the right setting (infusible ink transfer sheet). Ink side (colored side) goes up on the mat.

Cut the designs out from the transfer sheet and weed the excess away. This is so much easier to do than regular vinyl – it almost “pops” away.

Follow Cricut’s heat guide to prepare & apply heat to your onesie. Since this is layered, you want to do the background (heart of flowers) first, then the R (and darker layer) second. When doing the R, you’ll still want to make sure the heart of flowers design is covered.

Check Cricut’s tips on how to layer infusible ink as a reference too.

Voila! In a few steps, you have a cute onesie for your little one or to give as a gift!

This little girl is going to get a ton of customized things the rest of her life 🙂

Find my project on Design Space & customize the initial to what you need!

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