My blog is mainly DIYs, home projects, the occasional recipe and now the even more rare travel recap, but I’m switching it up today and giving a life update about my work!

As much as I love creating, CK isn’t my main gig (hence the occasional breaks in posts when life gets busy). The last 9 1/2 years I’ve been working at SPARC. Booz Allen bought the software development company 5 years ago, so technically I’ve been at BAH the last bit, but I still called it SPARC most of the time.

This was my first “real” job after college and I moved my way up from helping in the recruiting department to working on our internal products as a requirements analyst and SCRUM Master, then leading development for commercial services projects and most recently on some government contracts. I learned a lot and worked with such wonderful people, but it was finally time to move on to a new challenge.

Tuesday was my first day at Recon Infosec!

They’re a cyber security startup based in Austin (I’ll be remote) and do some really incredible and exciting work. I’m excited to join the team as a Senior Project Manager and have been thrown right in to organizing & coordinating.

Cheers to a new industry, new team & new chapter!

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