Have you heard of the Nugget? Not just what I eat all the time or call lil man, but a kid specific piece of furniture. There are 4 pieces that fit together to create a couch, or you can reconfigure them all sorts of ways for forts and play.

I can’t remember when I came across them, but I immediately decided we needed one for our playroom. The hard part was getting my hands on one since they are in high demand. I tried unsuccessfully the last 2 restocks, but finally snagged one on Facebook marketplace this week (set an alert 😉 ). I could not wait for lil man to check it out after daycare for his early birthday present.

After 4 days I can tell you that I’m very happy we got one. He went crazy climbing all over it and under it (we created a tunnel with 1 piece). He rolls the triangular pieces across the room and we play peekaboo with them. His smiles and laughs as he plays on it totally make it worth the effort to track one down.

He already spit up on it (naturally), but it was easy to wipe off and looks fine. You can wash the covers if needed, but we heard not to dry them since the covers will shrink and it’ll be hard to put them back on.

Cleo is also a fan and I find her in here snoozing a lot. I’ve already enjoyed taking work calls from it as well.

I’m excited to see how we use it as he gets older, but all 4 of us love it so far!

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