Back in May we ordered a striped Ruggable rug for the playroom. The idea that you could clean a rug in your washing machine & dryer seemed perfect for a room that would constantly be played in by a kid.

We were impressed, so ordered 2 runners for the kitchen, on each side of the blue island. Four months later, I’m letting yall know what we think of them!

The rugs come with 2 pieces: the top rug cover and the pad. You put the pad down, then put the cover on top. When it gets dirty, just put the cover into the washing machine.

First thoughts: I like the bright blues on all of our rugs and the different styles worked perfect with the different rooms. The rugs are on the thin side though. Granted, we didn’t get the plush rugs they offer, but it is thinner than a typical rug. They are really soft and seem well made. Although the rug pad is non-slip, the runners that we walk on all the time in the kitchen do shift on the floor some.

The rugs have been through a lot in the last few months: vacuuming, cat naps, crawling / walking and spills (spit up, food, etc). They have been easy to spot clean with a towel for the first few months. We just washed them for the first time in the washing machine and I was nervous, tbh. I read the instructions, took the cover off and put it in the washer. When it was done, I started to let it air dry (because I didn’t read), then threw it in the dryer on low heat which actually dried it.

Putting the runner back on the pad wasn’t bad either. If I could do it by myself with a baby eating dinner and dropping food everywhere next to me, then anyone can.

After washing, the rug was much brighter and softer. Cleo immediately fell asleep on it (clearly she needed to get her fur all over the clean rug) and lil man has already crawled / cruised on it as well. I did the other 2 rugs the next day and had the same results.

Overall – love them! We’re very happy with the 3 we have and know they will all be frequently washed over the years. Plus if we want a different look, we just get a new cover – no pad.

PS – This isn’t sponsored (although heyyyyy Ruggable, happy to chat πŸ˜‰ ). I just wanted to share my thoughts since a few people asked if we liked them or not!

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