One of the reasons I love to craft is getting to learn a new method or skill. A few months ago I spotted the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill Starter Kit (aff link) at Hobby Lobby on major sale, so picked it up for a day when I had some time to play. Well that day to play was recently and I had a blast figuring out how to create signs with foil! And a “Spread Kindess, Not Germs” sign that’s appropriate for this year..

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Spread Kindess, Not Germs Foil Sign

What you’ll need:

First of all a huge disclaimer: If you use non-Cricut tools with your Cricut, then you void the warranty. This is why I used my older Explore Air 2 machine to use the tools, in case something happened.

Cricut just launched their own foil transfer kit that quickly sold out before I could get my hands on one. No worries though, since I had this one to play with.

Okay so to make your own sign, first cut your card stock to the size you want. I had some fun gradient card stock and cut it down to a 4″x6″ size with my portable trimmer.

I created my design in Design Space by finding an image in their library and just changing it from cut to draw. Then I resized it to be 5″ wide and fit nicely in my 4″x6″ card.

Place your card stock on your mat. Cut a piece of foil from the roll to the size of your design and tape it on top of the card stock using their tape. Since I was maximizing my design to fill up most of the card stock, I put the foil over the whole piece.

Put the correct adapter on your quill according to the brand of machine you have, then pop the adapter out of the A size, put the quill in the holder and plug it in. It’ll need about 5 min to heat up, and you can put the plate under the quill so it doesn’t hurt your machine.

Once it’s heated up, make your design! You queue it up like you’re drawing with a pen.. just a hot pen.

After it’s down, remove the tape and pull back the foil. Your design is done!

All of the lines weren’t solid on mine, but I don’t think I waited long enough for the quill to heat up because I was impatient (and on a naptime time crunch).

Not bad for my first attempt! And a cute little sign in our guest bathroom, by the soap and hand sanitizer of course 🙂

Hopefully I’ll get to play with the Cricut version soon and can compare the two!

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