Since we’ll be celebrating lil man’s first birthday on Halloween (!!!), I’m sharing his official Halloween costume a few days early.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that between the fact we call our baby nugget and my love for Chickfila, lil man is a nugget for Halloween.

It was surprisingly easy to create a life size nugget box too: Find an empty box (like one a baby swing came in), tape / cut it to open like a nugget box, spray paint white, create stencils for the front, top and inside of the box with your Cricut, paint your stencils, and add ribbon to be straps!

Taking photos of said baby in a nugget box was much more challenging. He did stand for a bit, then wanted to crawl out and play in the grass. We also didn’t get his shirt on, but hey, you’ve gotta take the opportunity for a few photos when you can.

Although technically this is his second Halloween since we were in the hospital with him, it feels like his first and I’m loving it.

Happy Halloween!

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  • You are so clever! Your mom is looking forward to being with all of you! BTW, Ruggables helped me order my rug to Pine Mountain, and even though the invoice they sent me says shipping to PM, the tracking invoice I received this morning says it’s going to Sarasota! 🙁 It’s their fault so they are going to have to fix it! Happy Halloween and happy birthday to Will.

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