Are you ready for all the first birthday crafts??

This was the first one I did…back in July. I had this idea for a green ribbon garland and then the Masters logo on top with “one” on there for his high chair when he did his smash cake and that’s exactly what I created!

Masters Themed High Chair Garland

What You’ll Need:

First, create your Masters “one” piece. I printed the watercolor version of the logo on some card stock, then cut ONE on green card stock with my Cricut. Glue the letters on top and add a hole punch on each end where you want the twine to thread through.

Cut each roll of your ribbon into strips. I think mine were between 12-18″. Thread the twine through one hole of your “one” piece and start tying the ribbon to the twine behind the logo. You’ll want to fill that part in first, then add to the sides evenly. Alternate the types of ribbon you use so it’s a good mix.

Once you have ribbon behind the logo, thread the twine through the other hole and then tie ribbon on either side.

When the time comes, attach the garland to the high chair and celebrate!

The funniest part of the party was when lil man got up from his nap, we got him dressed and brought him downstairs to his family and a few friends. We put him in the high chair (which he was not happy about) and sang while presenting a lil cake. He barely touched the cake and just chugged his milk instead. When we picked him up afterwards, he spit up all over me, haha. The pictures were priceless.

This was proof that no matter the planning you do, it’ll never go perfectly. And probably not to bring a baby who just woke up from a nap in front of people watching him and give him sugar which he’s not used to, haha.

We’ll definitely never forget it.

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