Instead of sharing my crafts separately over a few posts, we’re just diving right into everything else I did. Buckle up, haha.

Since I hadn’t had a good reason to craft in the months leading up to lil man’s birthday, I was itching to get crafty once I figured out the theme. With the Masters being in the fall for the first time ever, it seemed like a great opportunity to go all in for a golf & Masters theme… and I went all in.

Golf Decor

A cute and easy way to incorporate my golf theme into everything was just by having golf balls in the vases and center pieces and using golf tees as skewers for some of the food (the tees were also a very pandemic friendly way of having single serve foods out to minimize germ sharing).

White paper lanterns look like golf balls, so I added the watercolor version of the Masters logo to the front and hung them in the corner of our porch.

One of my favorite DIYs was his Masters green jacket. It took awhile, but I finally tracked down a basic green jacket for toddlers online then added a Masters patch to it that I found on Etsy. 2T was still too big, but I rolled up the sleeves and just let him rock it.

Easy Paper Goods

We’ll ease into sharing all the crafts with a basic letter board. I put a Masters themed quote on it, then printed some of the Masters themed watercolor images around the board.

I also created my own Masters ticket to add to the sign with the date of his party.

I cut a ton of mini Masters flags and hot glued them to toothpicks to make flag sticks to go into some of our food.

The high chair ribbon garland with Masters themed “one” on front was another themed addition on a big photo spot.

Creating a clubhouse was a late addition, but seemed like it was missing. I did a lot of measuring, drawing and cutting card stock to make an accurate representation of what’s in Augusta in paper form.

Cricut Crafts

My Cricut helped me with a lot of various crafts for the party. I made some “Thanks for Swinging By” tags using both print then cut and just cutting card stock as the background for the tags. I added these to the cake pops to be taken as favors when family was leaving.

I also used “print then cut” to create a Masters Concessions sign which went on the island with all of the food.

My happy birthday banner was the second craft I did for the party and used those water color images that I loved.

One of my favorite touches was a last minute project. I recreated the Masters caddy jumpsuit with some plain white coveralls (aff link) and green iron on. Hunter wore this during the party and now has a last minute costume in the future 😉

I know I went completely overboard with the crafts, but I couldn’t help myself. We all know crafting is my stress reliever and with a year like 2020, this party gave my crafting a purpose.

If you’re planning a Masters themed party, let me know what crafts you did!

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