I haven’t been able to do much crafting recently, so when I was inspired to create some acrylic ornaments, I went ham. Acrylic, gold paint, white vinyl and some green velvet ribbon would be the perfect combination for a totally different type of ornament for me.

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Acrylic, White & Gold Ornament

What you’ll need:

This is actually a really simple craft with just a few steps. Step one: Paint one side of your acrylic blank. Don’t cover it in paint (you’ll want to have some of the clear acrylic showing), just paint where you want and the transparency you like. I went a lil lighter so Christmas tree lights would easily shine through when the ornament was on a tree.

While the paint dries, create your design. I created a bunch of these ornaments for family and friends celebrating different milestones, so mine said “First married Christmas”, “Baby’s first Christmas” and some street / city names too.

Make sure the design is sized to fit on your acrylic blank and add the year (so 20 years from now you’ll know what year it was). Then cut it on your Cricut machine, weed the excess away and apply it to the non-painted side of your ornament using the transfer tape.

Add some ribbon and you’re done!

I just loved the elegant touch the velvet ribbon added and the overall color scheme. I knocked these out just in time for Friendsgiving and love seeing them on trees around town now!

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