Better late than never! Nugget may be 14 months old, but I’m catching up on getting this post of the stuff we used from 9-12 months for all my new moms out there.

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Still Favorites

  • Alligator push toy: This has turned into a shopping cart for him. He puts various toys on the alligators and will walk back and forth, back and forth across the playroom.
  • Foam letters / numbers: He plays with them, puts them in his mouth or puts them on the tile wall during bath time. Sometimes one or 2 come out of the bath with us as we get dry and into pajamas.
  • Cabinet locks: Yup, cabinet locks haha. We just ordered more because he wants to open EVERYTHING. He’ll take off for rooms we rarely go in and go straight to open the cabinets.
  • Collapsible wagon: Whenever we need to get outside for a few minutes (and look at all the plants), I strap lil man into his wagon and walk down to the cul-de-sac. It’s so each to open / fold close and is great for snack time with his stuffed animals.


  • Stacking cups: We used to stack these up and he’d knock them over, but they’re a favorite again as he enjoys stacking them into each other.
  • Portable play pen: Aka baby jail. We borrowed this from my sister and it’s in our living room so he can play without getting into other things (like the fireplace).
  • Flow n Fill cups bath toy: This became a bath time favorite the night he first played with it. He has fun stacking the cups with the water spout, and is still enough to scrub clean. Win win.


  • Protective floor mat: At first we put a dish towel under the high chair to catch spills. Rookie move. We thought a mat would be ridiculous, but alas, this is the best thing to collect all the food and spills while protecting the floor.
  • Plates: We like using these plates since they have multiple compartments for food (great for the diversity of foods he eats) and stick to the high chair well.
  • Utensils: We’re still working on him using these without help, but we like these since they’re easy for him to hold and food stays on it pretty well.
  • Snack cups: These are the best. Fill it with snacks and let them go crazy. This comes on walks, golf cart rides, in baby jail, in the car, etc.


  • Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat: We upgraded to the next car seat when there was a great sale and have been loving this. It seems way more comfortable than his carrier and was great on our road trip.
  • Nasal aspirator: With the start of fall / winter and the temperature swings, we’ve had some stuffy noses and this has been a life saver. Usually he’ll stay still to let you suck the boogers out and breathe better.

There aren’t as many links this go-round, but I’m already putting together the 12-18 month list since it’s fresh of mind and promise to post that on time!

Enjoy that 9-12 month time frame. It was a favorite of ours as nugget went from standing to cruising to walking and explored things more and more.

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