It’s been awhile since I played with leather or jewelry making, back when I made my tear drop earrings (that I still love). My sister in law came to visit for a few days and I asked if she wanted to craft one afternoon. After going through materials I had and different things we could make, we settled on some leather bar earrings!

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Leather Bar Earrings

What you’ll need:

Once we pulled out the silver leather, we searched Design Space for a ready made design to keep it easy and work with something that was tried and true. Sam really liked this design, so we tweaked it some (made them shorter for her) and got started.

Put your leather on your mat and load it in your Maker to cut. We had to run ours a few times for it to cut through all the way.

The rest is pretty straight forward – use your pliers to open the jump ring, slide the leather and hook through and them close them.


Seriously – the Cricut does all the work cutting the leather and you just have to work on the jump ring. Easier said than done because sometimes those can be finicky. We couldn’t quite get the rings all the way closed, so I added the tiniest bit of hot glue to close it.

I wore my earrings the next day and loved how light they are!

I’ve started the year strong with 3 posts and will try to keep the momentum, but if I learned anything from 2020, it was to be ready for the unexpected and adjust as needed. I hope to share as much as I can this year, but CK gets what’s leftover of my time and sometimes that’s nothing.

Thanks for following along, no matter how frequently I post!

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